Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Your teeth have a huge impact on your life from your smile to your ability to speak, eat and interact with other people confidently. As such the best solution to restore loose, broken or deformed teeth is usually dental implants or teeth implants.

A dental implant is a titanium screw placed into the jawbone that replaces the failed root of a tooth. A tooth implant refers to the abutment and crown that are fixed onto the titanium screw. The costs of dental and teeth implants vary from as low as $1000 to $4000 because the no two dental implant treatments are alike while the number of appointments and the places offering the treatment also vary.

However after an initial assessment, the dental implant expert should service with a substantive treatment plan inclusive of the costs and number of appointments. In many cases, the cost of dental implants covers the surgery, the implants and any aftercare that the patient may require. The following are some categorizations of dental implants and their respective approximate costs.

Basic dental implants are good for both the functionality and aestheticism of teeth. At high-end dental facilities a single basic dental implant costs $3000. It comes complete with a crown, a screw and an abutment which attaches the crown to the root or the implant. As such, the basic dental implant comes complete and the cost is includes a tooth implant.

The complete dental implant uses premium material and the dentist uses custom design techniques to treat your teeth. The cost averages at $4000 for a single implant. In most cases, the placement of the dental implant costs between $1600 and $2500. The client is given 4-6 months to heal after which s/he can go back to have the abutment and crown fixed at an additional $1500 to $3000.

The advanced dental implants are implant-secured dentures or treatment for complicated dental problems. They include Same Day Smile or All-on-4 dental procedures where the client gets fitted with new teeth and have them fully operational rather than waiting for upto 8 months for the jaw to heal as is the case with other implant solutions. The average cost of the advanced dental implant is $5,500. This procedure is usually carried out in few selected places by a few experts who are highly experienced in dentistry.

In cases where one has had no teeth for a long while the jawbone may have been significantly worn out requiring some bone grafting an operation which raises the cost of dental and teeth implant to more than $5000.

Individual tooth implants are not only very expensive but they are not recommended given that there are 28 functional teeth and continual disruption of the jawbone may aggravate your dental health.

The average price for getting dental implants is relatively high in the United States and many people opt to have the procedures done abroad especially for aesthetic purposes when they travel for other reasons.

When you get the dental implants in India, UK and Australia it can be cheaper than in the US. Many insurance companies do not cover cosmetic dental treatments as the costs are very high and extremely variable depending on hospitals, specialist and country where one chooses to haev it.